Bridal tips

Bridal tips in Newport, KY

When making a reservation with Fantasy in Frosting, be sure to reserve the date as soon as you can, even if you’re not sure of all the details. We can only take a limited number of cakes per week and make reservations up to one year in advance. A $50.00 non-refundable down payment is required to secure your price per serving and to hold the date for you.
With your choice of shapes, colors, flavors, styles and decorations - heart-shaped, square, traditional or hexagonal options - we can create an individualized style for you. Our cakes may also be decorated with piped icing, fresh flowers, beading, specialty icing flowers and come in a variety of flavors. Read below to learn more about our bridal tips in Newport, KY.


Design is the single most important element to your wedding cake. We can allow you to combine designs and make the cake uniquely yours. Come in and browse through the many picture books we have to offer.


The base icing can be white, ivory or a pale pastel in the bridal color. Icing flowers can be matched with most colors, though some colors may be difficult to match in icing. We can provide the resources and necessary expertise to satisfy your design wants.


Our wedding cakes are iced with butter crème frosting in both white and ivory. Extra charges apply for whipped cream. We have samples to taste on Fridays and Saturdays. Each tier of your cake may be a different flavor at no charge. Flavors include:
  • White         
  • Yellow        
  • Vanilla 
  • Chocolate          
  • Marble       
  • Spice 
  • Lemon       
  • Chocolate Chip          
  • Strawberry 
  • Red Velvet         
  • Maker's Mark      
  • Pineapple 
  • Orange      
  • Carrot        
  • Raspberry swirl 
  • Strawberry swirl   
  • Our fabulous cheesecake is available in a variety of flavors


  • Strawberry or Raspberry Cream    
  • Strawberry fruit 
  • Lemon       
  • Raspberry Fruit    
  • Cherry 
  • Apricot      
  • Bavarian Cream          
  • Pineapple 
  • Chocolate Bavarian Cream         
  • Mocha Cream   
  • Cream Cheese 
  • Coconut Creme         
  • Blueberry   
  • Amaretto Cream 
  • Bailey's Irish Cream     
  • Maker's Mark Chocolate     
  • Chocolate Ganache 
  • Opera Cream 
  • Mudslide

What is the groom's cake?

As a long standing southern tradition, the groom’s cake used to be similar to a fruit cake – rich with many dried fruits and nuts. Legend has it that a small piece of cake was put under unmarried female guests’ pillow (in a box) so the man of their dreams would eventually become their husband. Today brides usually decorate grooms’ cakes with things they enjoy doing (football, golf etc.) and in the grooms favorite flavor. Typically they are served after rehearsal dinners or as an additional flavor at the wedding. We can help to guide you and design creative groom cakes for you. 


Mints can serve as attractive and inexpensive table decoration. We can create custom shaped mints to match weddings, rehearsal dinners and more. We have a wide variety of mint option from funny to formal with dark, white and milk chocolate.


Our base price is $5.00 per serving for regular cakes, $7.00 per serving for cheesecakes and $7.00 for fondant iced cakes. The cost of your wedding cake is on a per slice basis. A $50 non refundable down payment is due upon ordering of the cake with the complete balance due 2 weeks prior to the wedding date. A deposit for the cake stand and supports will be refunded when it is cleaned and returned to Fantasy In Frosting within 3 business days after the wedding. All pieces that are not edible must be returned and cleaned within good condition within 3 business days or charges may apply. $10 is charged for items that are returned dirty.


Delivery and set-up costs are at a $60 minimum for local sites. Distance charges and late set-up charges will be computed differently. Arrangements should be made to deliver the cake in the morning or early afternoon with the cake.
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