FAQs in Newport, NY

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Do you have an online catalog or one you could send me?

Unfortunately we don’t have an online catalogue. We do carry everything listed in the Wilton Yearbooks, these serve as catalogs to the many products we carry.

Do you have a recipe for different kinds of frosting?

The Wilton Yearbooks have many different recipes for icings, glazes and one for making a rolled fondant. This is a priceless resource for cake making and decorating, if you cannot find a copy locally, please ask us for a copy.

Do you make black icing?

Black food coloring exists for that specific purpose. Black however is a strong color that can make your icing bitter and can bleed off into its surroundings. Mixing it into a dark gray will be just fine, icing will darken with exposure to the air. We also sell a black and a red ready to use icing.
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